Frequently Asked Questions at Double Glazing London

Do you offer free consultation?

We have always offered all customers free consultations ensuring that they will get all that they need, not only do we give free consultations but free quotes as well. .

Do you have authentic double glazed glass?

Yes we do, there are so many companies out there that offer you so called budget double Glazed glass but it is not authentic its cheap standard glass that will not meet your needs. That is why we only use the best quality Double Glazed glass.

Can you charge for inspection of the job to be done?

That only depends on the size of the project that you need us to do. As we use specialists that will come and do all the measurements and drawings to design amd determine what you need. Let us give you a few consultation.

Do you do Double Glazing for restaurants?

We cater for all business requirements no matter how small or large we have you covered.

Do you do mock up design to show a client what it will look like?

Yes we do we have the latest in 3D animation software that will show you how amazing your house will look with our designs installed. So you can then give us a go ahead.

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